WATCH: Sawyer Smith Interviews Taya Kyle on God, Guns, and America

American Wife and widow of Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle, sat down with Sawyer Smith to talk about guns, God, and American Sniper.

Watch the full interview:

On gun current guns laws and their lack of enforcement

How her life has changed

“At the end of the day, we’re all just asked by God to do what we can do with what we’re given.”

Difference between a “Gun Advocate” and a “Freedom Advocate”

“[Chris] one-hundred percent believed that people are capable… trustworthy”

On America and its people

“We’re a really good country full of really amazing people who want what’s best for each other…”

Thoughts on Presidential candidates

“What I would love is for all of us to look at the character of the person that we’re voting for.”

What Chris Kyle would share

“He’d want to share a beer with you”

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