Don’t Throw In The Towel on the Grand Ol’ Party


That’s the word I would use to describe the feeling of being a constitutional conservative lately. It feels like we just can’t win.

Every candidate that I was rooting for in the Republican Presidential primary election has been defeated. This election cycle, we had amazing candidates running under the Republican banner, many real, true constitutional conservatives. But each one fell and the GOP now has a less than conservative presidential nominee headed into the Republican National Convention.

At times I have found myself banging my head against the wall, lamenting: “Why should I stay with the GOP when the presidential candidate doesn’t represent me as a conservative?”

I have felt disillusioned with the party because of the nominee. I have felt embarrassed and ashamed at times by statements and actions from the candidate running. When the highest representative of a party is so far from your beliefs, why personally stay under that banner with them? As constitutional conservatives, we cannot throw aside the Republican Party because the presidential candidate is not to our liking. We can not give up on our local and state races.

“The Republican Party on the state and local level is vastly different…”

As conservatives, we know that the best way to make political change that positively affects our lives is to do so through local and state avenues. Just because there is not the ideal conservative running for President, it does not mean we leave our local and state Republicans in the dust. The Republican Party on the state and local level is vastly different than on the national level, with many real constitutional conservatives fighting on our behalf.

After seven years of Obama, and his expansion of the Executive Branch, many of us have been brainwashed into believing that the President is the be all end all. But those of us who love the Constitution recognize that we need to have a strong legislature to create the conservative laws we prefer.

Instead of leaving the Republican Party, those disillusioned with the presidential nominee can and should focus their time and energy into local races. We do not need to have the perfect conservative as President, so long as our local and national Representatives and Senators represent us well and are a solid check on the executive branch.

Don’t throw in the towel on the Grand Ol’ Party just yet. Real change comes from the local and state level, your local Republican candidates needs you.

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Kaytee Moyer, a native of Pennsylvania, recently graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She is a political writer who has been featured on LifeZette, The Libertarian Republic, and PennLive.