Van Jones Hits It on the Head With the Similarities Between Cops and Young Black Americans

CNN tweeted out a video of Van Jones, political activist and author, discussing the similarities between young black Americans and police officers.

You might be surprised by what Jones says in this video, but boy is it refreshing to hear.

Van Jones starts out by saying that there are only two groups in America that can understand where each other is coming from. The first being “young black people” and the second being the police.

He points out that both sides are describing the same feelings and experiences. Both are feeling targeted, unsafe, and that people are trying to kill them. They both feel like it’s open season for others to hunt them down. Young blacks feel like the police are killing them off, and the police feel like blacks are targeting them. They both feel vulnerable.

Van Jones’s response to this shared feeling is that people need to open their hearts up a little bit. They need to “listen to their fear, listen to their sense of being labeled and wronged and misunderstood,” he said.

“We can actually, rather than turning on each other, turn to each other. Instead of coming apart, we can come together. Because there’s enough pain in both communities that we should be able to understand each other.”

Check out the video below and retweet it. This needs to be heard over and over again.'

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