MilLiberty – Episode 2: It’s not Black vs. White, It’s the State vs. You

In this episode, Caleb talks about the recent protests and riots in Charlotte and explains how conservatives and Black Lives Matter have a common foe. Conservatives must understand that police brutality is a reoccurring issue that must be addressed and soon. On the other hand, BLM must also realize that every instance of police brutality isn’t an issue of racism, but of authority abuse. Government is too big and too intrusive on every level, from the White House to the Big House. Conservatives and BLM need to come together and realize this instead of hating each other so true justice can be achieved and liberty restored.

Caleb also discusses Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump and explains how a movement transcends any candidate.

Articles referenced in the episode:

WaPo: An ‘unarmed’ white teen was shot dead by police. His family asks: Where is the outrage?

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