MilLiberty – Episode 24: Exclusive with Mohammed Shaker

Mohammed Shaker joins MilLiberty and gives his perspective on a wide range of topics. Caleb and Mohammed talks about the impending healthcare battle, the fallout of Tomi Lahren, initial thoughts on the Trump presidency, and what’s next for the liberty movement.

Mohammed is Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus Tampa Bay, an Army veteran, and the Co-host of the Muddied Waters of Freedom.

Mohammed’s perspective on a wide range of issues are key in furthering our understanding of liberty and expanding the community we are building here at MilLiberty.

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Caleb Franz - your neighborhood libertarian, Caleb is the Podcast Director for OUTSET Magazine and a media entrepreneur, finding new and unique ways to convey the message of liberty . Caleb frequents the radio waves and is an avid fan of Marvel comic books and movies. He is the host of OUTSET Magazine's very own podcast, "MilLiberty with Caleb Franz" - airing every Thursday. When he isn't fangirling over the Paul family or overdosing on coffee, you can find this Eagle Scout defending liberty and promoting free markets at @CalebFranz. For show updates, be sure to follow @MilLiberty.