MilLiberty – Episode 25: The Constitution is Dead! (And That’s a Good Thing)

The confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch has been happening within the last couple weeks. Gorsuch is well known as a strong originalist with regards to his view of the constitution. That view didn’t sit well with Senator Dianne Feinstein, who argued it’s important that the constitution change with the times. She called his views “troubling.”

The only thing that is troubling is how she views the constitution.

The US Constitution is not a living document, like her and so many others will argue. It is a negative document with very specific powers it is limited to. That is because its original purpose was to protect liberty. Likewise, the liberty it protects is also negative and timeless. Rights aren’t subject to change just because the times or society changes.

The mistake is made in thinking the constitution is organic, yet the economy is not. Natural rights follow the laws of Newton – unchanging.

This constitutional lesson and more is discussed this week on MilLiberty.

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