Coffee Shops and Tyranny

There is a toxin leaking into those havens for writers, students, and all other coffee shop enthusiasts. It has been corrupting these peaceful shops for quite a while now. It is time that this was addressed.

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Holmes is a journalist for, a novice violinist, and an avid reader of all things WFB, Roger Scruton, Thomas Sowell, and beyond. Outside of his love for liberty and his fascination with politics and culture, he enjoys a nice glass of scotch, a good bowl of pipe tobacco, and an Ernest Hemingway novel. He and his wife live in Houston with their many books.


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  • Quinn Milionis

    Excellent. I have enjoyed the occasional instrumental background music (played at an appropriately quiet volume) and usually in less busy shops. Recently however, my local coffee shop has fallen victim to this “toxin,” and given into playing top 40 Spotify and the like. I absolutely agree on the idea of noise “tricking you into enjoying an environment.” The natural sound of a coffee shop is an integral part of the overall experience, and it need not be muddled or covered by anything.