MilLiberty – Episode 30: The RLC is Restoring Liberty in the GOP

Austin Sekel is the Endorsement Committee Chair for the Republican Liberty Caucus. He joins Caleb on MilLiberty to talk about how vital it is to restore the ideas of liberty in the GOP. Fortunately, the RLC is doing just that, supporting and endorsing candidates who place liberty as their top priority.

Caleb talks with Austin about the state of the Republican party and the likelihood of liberty candidates winning in the future. With the 2018 midterms coming up, individuals like Austin Petersen and others have a great chance to make an impact if they choose to run.

They also discuss the Trump Presidency after the first 100 days and the possible¬†likelihood that an incumbent President could be primaried in 2020, if the next four years aren’t as great as promised.

Finally, they preview the RLC biennial national convention in Orlando on Memorial Day weekend. Not only will Caleb Franz be on a panel, great liberty leaders such as Tom Woods and Cliff Maloney Jr. will be speaking there also.

If you’d like to join the convention, please register on the RLC homepage and join Caleb in Orlando!

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Caleb Franz - your neighborhood libertarian, Caleb is the Podcast Director for OUTSET Magazine and a media entrepreneur, finding new and unique ways to convey the message of liberty . Caleb frequents the radio waves and is an avid fan of Marvel comic books and movies. He is the host of OUTSET Magazine's very own podcast, "MilLiberty with Caleb Franz" - airing every Thursday. When he isn't fangirling over the Paul family or overdosing on coffee, you can find this Eagle Scout defending liberty and promoting free markets at @CalebFranz. For show updates, be sure to follow @MilLiberty.