Our Sanity Shouldn’t Depend on One Man

My hope is that you have been enjoying my conversations with up and coming conservative leaders just as much as I have. This week, I don’t have a new interview, but I did have a few thoughts I wanted to share.

I use this week’s show as a chance to check in with you, the listeners, and offer some thoughts on how dependent we’ve become on the actions of the president and the federal government. I believe it’s time that we start focusing on the things we can control, rather than going insane over the things far out our control.

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Stephen N. Perkins envisions a world where people are free to fulfill their God-given potential, collaborate with others, and take ownership in their communities. His mission is to help emerging leaders inspire others and influence change. Stephen founded OUTSET in 2014 as a venue for smart commentary on politics and culture from the next generation of conservative voices. His writing centers around education, civic engagement, culture, and media. Outside of OUTSET, Stephen is a cactus dad, bow tie aficionado, and a driver of his Jeep Patriot named Reagan. Originally from Houston, Stephen now lives and works in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


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