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Josh De Ford grew up in Calgary, Alberta, but moved back to his home state of Arizona in 2008. He began hosting a political talk show on a local internet radio station three years later, and discussed leading issues of the day with guests including Congressman Paul Gosar and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. In 2012, Josh launched a political/news publication called World 2.0 Magazine where he served as Chief-Editor until February of 2015. Aside from writing for OUTSET, Josh De Ford now serves as a Precinct Committeeman and has worked on several political campaigns. He is currently studying Graphic Design at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida.

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Justin Trudeau: A Disgrace to the Free World

Castro is dead. The Communist revolutionary resisted capitalism, the United States, and freedom for over 50 years crippling the Cuban economy with his extreme Marxist policies. Thousands of political leaders were either imprisoned or shot by firing squads. Countless citizens and foreigners were killed under his cruel reign. Hundreds...

Yes, Donald Trump Can Be Bought

The Donald Trump campaign has created an outsider wave around the country on a few leading points: he’s (supposedly) self-funding his campaign, he has never held elected office, and as a billionaire, he cannot be bought. Trump supporters have quietly backed off of the self-funded campaign talking point after realizing it’s...