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Karly Matthews grew up in a tiny Pennsylvania suburb before trading in the corn fields for the streets of North Philadelphia. She worked as the Political Editor at Fresh U until January of 2017 but still writes for the political department biweekly. As well, Karly contributes Future Female Leader and works in communications for the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans. On campus, Karly is involved with the Temple University College Republicans and serves as the Secretary for the Network of Enlightened Women at Temple. Currently a sophomore, Karly is studying journalism and political science with a minor in Spanish.

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The Fall of Venezuela

When Hugo Chavez became President of Venezuela in 1999, the idea of Latin-American socialism excited a population looking for government relief. However, 18-years later, the country has plunged into an economic and social crisis that has garnered worldwide attention and alarm. Following Chavez’s death in 2013, Nicolas...