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Fast-paced, funny, and always entertaining, Young Guns isn’t your average political podcast. Join members of the OUTSET team and guests as they take on tough issues and hot topics.

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When the State Perpetuates Evil

This week Matthew Mailloux (@MatthewMailbox) joins the show to talk about the escalating situation in Israel and the tragedy of Charlie Gard. Connect with Kyle (@KyleGriesinger) and Young Guns (@YoungGunsUSA) on Twitter. Show Notes: Palestinians Riot Over Metal Detectors. It’s Not About The Metal Detectors. How a 1929...

A Jenga Tower Filled with Spiders

Remso Martinez (@Remso101) and Lauren Dooley (@LaurenDoooley) join the show to talk Trump Jr., Healthcare, and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. Connect with Kyle (@KyleGriesinger) and Young Guns (@YoungGunsUSA) on Twitter. In this week’s news, Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian wherein he promised to sell off...