Here Are the Speakers for CPAC 2015

CPAC, the annual gathering of over 10,000 conservatives in Washington, D.C., will take place February 25-28. The event always brings together a unique group of conservative politicians, media personalities, and notable activists.

Here are the confirmed speakers so far:

Sen. Ted Cruz


He’s one of the big names in the 2016 polls, and he’ll be selling himself all week.

Dr. Ben Carson


The doctor so fearless he called out Pres. Obama while he was just feet away. You can expect a smart and entertaining message from him.

Donald Trump


Just confirmed, the man who has flirted with a presidential run off-and-on for the past two elections will be at CPAC once again.

Laura Ingraham


She’s smart, entertaining, and bold. Her speech will be nothing less.

Sen. Tim Scott


He’s a history maker as the first black Republican Congressman from South Carolina since 1897. Will he make history at this year’s CPAC?

Gov. Sarah Palin


What can we say? Her speech is sure to be full of some of the best soundbites and one-liners

Gov. Scott Walker

Scott Walker

The Wisconsin governor who has consistently won all of his recall fights now finds himself as one of the 2016 Republican frontrunners. His CPAC speech is sure to be a big one!

Gov. Rick Perry


The famous (or infamous) Texas conservative will be talking up a storm as he prepares for a possible 2016 campaign. Or will his new spectacles do all the talking?

Rick Santorum


There is a rumor, though still unconfirmed, that Santorum will be sporting a fresh sweater vest to CPAC. We’ll keep you updated!

Sen. Rand Paul

paul-1 paul-2

He’s talked about a 2016 campaign a lot recently, and this speech is his chance to sell himself and his brand of “Leave Me Alone” conservatism.

Gov. Bobby Jindal


The Louisiana Republican is sure to excite the crowd.

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