Cruz Campaign Fakes Picture of Rubio and Obama, the Internet Responds With #CruzPhotoshop

The Ted Cruz campaign came under fire Thursday for launching a website in which they feature a photoshopped picture of Senator Marco Rubio shaking hands with President Barack Obama.

Here’s the picture:

Mediaite reports:

Cruz’s website “The Real Rubio Record” ironically features a very unreal image of Rubio smiling ecstatically while shaking Obama’s hand. “The Rubio-Obama Trade Pact” the text ominously reads, a reference to Rubio’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Cruz website also features a photoshopped image of Rubio smiling while leaning on a business sign reading “Closed.”

Both Cruz’s Campaign Manager, Jeff Roe, and Rapid Response Director, Brian Phillips, took to Twitter to defend the image:

Nonetheless, the photo angered many conservatives who saw it as another distortion of Senator Rubio’s record by the Cruz campaign. And in response, #CruzPhotoshop was born.

Here are some of the best:

The Internet wins today.

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