MilLiberty – Episode 9: How Private Property Made Thanksgiving Great Again

With Thanksgiving next week, Caleb finds a wonderful opportunity to discuss an often forgotten lesson of the first Thanksgiving and how it applies to today’s culture and political movements.

Though America became an economic powerhouse because of the successes of and benefits of capitalism, America actually has some very socialist roots. And because of these origins, we turned our backs on it and adopted free markets to create the greatest nation on Earth.

While the 2016 election may now be in the rear view mirror, the ideas that the likes of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump left behind will be affecting our culture for years to come. though these two are different, they contain a common thread of collectivist rhetoric that does harm to the idea of America.

Looking into our own history can teach us valuable lessons and give us a guiding light moving forward on what we can do next.

Read this piece for more information on the Tragedy of the Commons

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