MilLiberty – Episode 12: Giving Is The Secret To Success (And Capitalism)

Capitalism is known as a system that is rigged for the rich. It is known as a dog eat dog world: if you want to get ahead, you have to lookout for yourself above all else. Even if you do forge friendships and partnerships, it doesn’t come without strings. There is no way, as it is said, to take care of others in capitalism. At least not in the way you’d prefer. In this episode of MilLiberty, that logic is flipped on its head.

Caleb discusses the spirit of giving in the Christmas season and how it is the secret to success. He reviews The Go Giver and has a conversation about giving being the why to capitalism.

Above all, this episode is covering how capitalism is the morally superior system and that giving is the key “stratospheric” individual success.

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