Stephen Perkins: Wrapping up 2016’s Biggest Stories

2016 will undoubtedly go down in history books as an unique year. Whether is was the death of an innocent gorilla and other household names, or the legitimately historic election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the eradication of Ebola, the world was busy.

In this last podcast of 2016, I give my thoughts on the year’s most controversial, positive, and interesting stories – as well as some predictions for 2017!

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Stephen N. Perkins envisions a world where people are free to fulfill their God-given potential, collaborate with others, and take ownership in their communities. His mission is to help emerging leaders inspire others and influence change. Stephen founded OUTSET in 2014 as a venue for smart commentary on politics and culture from the next generation of conservative voices. His writing centers around changes within conservative politics, with an emphasis on individual liberties, technology, entrepreneurship, media, and civic engagement. Outside of OUTSET, Stephen can be found enjoying a cigar, red wine, or a drive in his Jeep Patriot named Reagan. Originally from Houston, Stephen now lives and works in the DFW metroplex.