On Ethos and Expertise

“We, the proletariat, have thrown out the baby, the bathwater, the tub, and the mother – relying, often, on ourselves and vague arguments we heard on a podcast with a few know-nothings. We have abandoned the primary source. We have never read the Constitution or The Federalist Papers yet argue with all passion and believed wisdom about the content therein! We play telephone with our sources, hearing person H tell us what person A determined. We have taken away the experts and replaced them with Tomi Lahren and John Oliver.”

In this week’s Acerbic Review, Holmes provides a general overview of ethos and the need for experts.

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Holmes is a journalist for TheWhim.com, a novice violinist, and an avid reader of all things WFB, Roger Scruton, Thomas Sowell, and beyond. Outside of his love for liberty and his fascination with politics and culture, he enjoys a nice glass of scotch, a good bowl of pipe tobacco, and an Ernest Hemingway novel. He and his wife live in Houston with their many books.